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(1) Obtain a health history and conduct a physical

examination on an individual of your choosing (not a patient), (2) compile a health education needs assessment, (3) self-reflection, and (4) writing style and format. Health History and Physical Assessment Conducts a comprehensive health history and physical exam 1. Subjective data: demographic data; reason for care; present illness; perception of health; past medical history; family medical history; review of systems; developmental considerations; cultural considerations; psychosocial considerations; and collaborative resources. 2. Objective data: HEENT; neurological system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, neck; gastrointestinal system; musculoskeletal system; and peripheral vascular system. Provides a written narrative that includes the following 1. One to two paragraphs describing stated condition of health, medications, and allergies. Also includes the following information: demographic data, perception of health, past medical history, vaccinations and immunizations, family medical history, review of systems, any developmental considerations, cultural considerations or psychosocial considerations, presence or absence of resources from the community, family, groups, or from the healthcare system 2. One paragraph describing: the findings of the physical examination 3. One paragraph discussing (1) the rationale for the selection of the health education topics and (2) how the findings in the scholarly articles were used in support of the health teaching topic to promote or improve the individual’s health and wellness status. 4. One paragraph discussing (1) how the interrelationships of physiological, developmental, cultural, and psychosocial considerations influence (assist or become barriers to the effectiveness) the proposed health education and (2) provide a description of the impact of the individual’s strengths (personal, family, and friends) and collaborative resources (clinical, family, community, and health and wellness resources) on the proposed nursing teaching. Needs Assessment 1. Identifies two health education needs for the individual based on the health history and physical examination findings and two peerreviewed journal articles providing evidence-based support for the identified health teaching needs 2. APA sixth-edition formatting used for in-text and reference page citations Reflection Reflects on the interaction with the interviewee holistically. Considers the interaction in its entirety: includes the environment, the approach to the individual, time of day, and other features relevant to therapeutic communication and the interview process. The reflection should address each of the following questions.  How did your interaction compare to what you’ve learned and expected?  What enablers or barriers to communication did you experience? How did you overcome the barriers?  Were there any unanticipated challenges to conducting the interview or performing the physical examination? What went well?  Was there information you wished you had but did not?  How will you alter your approach the next time? Writing Style and Format Writing should reflect your synthesis of ideas based on prior knowledge, newly acquired information, and appropriate writing skills. Scoring of your work in written communication is based on proper use of grammar, spelling, and how clearly you express your thoughts and reasoning in writing. Proper use of APA sixth-edition style and format throughout this paper is required.



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