music analysis

music analysis

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Modernist music is known for novel experimentation with musical elements such as pitch, melody, rhythm, dynamics, timbre, form, etc., often creating music that was difficult to listen to or unappealing to the average listener. However, modernist music also began incorporating more popular musical styles from jazz, blues, and folk, as well using traditional forms (sonata, rondo) in a “neo-classical” style.

Write a 4-6 page analysis paper on two of five possible music selections provided. Compare and contrast each selection based on musical elements such as pitch, melody, rhythm, timbre, dynamics, form, etc. Also, please attach a listening chart to the paper that provides an outline of the form and description of each of the formal sections. DO NOT count your chart toward your written page count.

Your thesis should consider the following questions: how does each musical selection participate in the broader modernist tradition? Does one piece sound more modernist than the other? Why or why not? Focus on describing salient or significant musical moments that support your point. Further, what is your emotional response to listening to these selections. Do you prefer one selection to the other? If so, which aspects of modernist music are most/least attractive or meaningful to you.

Your paper should clearly articulate a thesis in the opening paragraph, and use subsequent paragraphs to support your ideas. A concluding paragraph is also helpful to the reader.

All writing and analysis must be your own; however, you may cite Kerman’s Listen if necessary. Be advised your assignment will be submitted through safe assign, which will compare your paper other student papers and internet sources for possible instances of plagiarism.

Please use 12 point font, double spaced, and normal margins. Submit your paper as a word doc or pdf through the safe assign portal.

i already choose the “Bartók: Concerto for Orchestra, Sz. 116 – 2. Giuoco della cope (Allegretto scherzando)”which you could find it on youtube

and also i will post my previous writing assignment so you could follow my writing style, i don’t want it to see big differences between these two. remember to cite everything

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