literature review on bully in the us schoolsystem

literature review on bully in the us schoolsystem

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Assignment type : Literature / Movie review


Literature Review

and how the review answered the purpose.

Your literature review should be 5-7 pages

will be writing a literature review based on a topic of your choosing. Chose a topic that interests you. Begin by considering a research question (see Research Question notes on Blackboard). What question is your paper seeking to answer? This will help guide your research. You should not include the research question in your review. However, the purpose of the review should be included in your introduction.

Use relevant and pertinent sources. Your sources must be accurate, credible and sufficient. You will determine what is sufficient for the purposes of your review. You should use articles and studies from scholarly sources, peer-reviewed journals and other academic sources. Your sources should not be more than ten years old. Use the past tense when discussing the literature. Use headings to organize your literature review by idea/variable/theme. The literature should be integrated and “talk” to each other. Your interpretation and analysis should be interwoven in your review. It is not an exercise of adding layer upon layer of source information. Remember to hold in your mind: who? why? how? and what? The answers should be in your review and should be clear.

Paraphrase instead of using direct quotes.

You will have an introduction and summary. In the summary, discuss strengths and weaknesses of the studies, general findings, gaps, if any, in the literature

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