Language Development

Conduct  background research on how children acquire language skills. Dive into  reading and research to learn even more about this developmental  process.

Create  a Storyboard using the free trial software from the link: . You will obtain 6 free  slides with each free trial that you create OR you may utilize a  different medium to illustrate your storyboard.

Tracing  the main process of language development, create/develop a story using  at least two or more characters/ persons to illustrate your  understanding of language development. Ex: Storyboard illustrating a  mother, father or caregiver over time interacting with and nurturing  their child throughout this day-to-day language development process.   This should be done in no more than 10 slides (excluding the title and  reference slides-optional) to highlight your story.

Within  the narration, use a written script on each slide in addition to the  dialogue between characters to guide the reader, of your story elements  in order to ensure that your reader is following your story and that you  are clearly describing how children acquire, practice and develop  language skills. This is an opportunity to be creative in your  application of what has been learned! No two storyboards will be alike  so have fun with it!

Here is a helpful resource link for using Storyboards:

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