International Relations

International Relations

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Media Coverage of United States Foreign Policy: A Critical Appraisal

BIS 284 A

International Relations

Autumn 2017

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You will be writing one essay during the quarter. Essays should be 7 pages in length (excluding works cited page), typed and double-spaced. All sources must be cited appropriately (APA style). 10 percent of your grade will be based on correct grammar, spelling and proper citation of sources. Please integrate sources into essay in a clear and coherent fashion. Sources include, but are not limited to, course readings.

Once completed, essays must be posted on CANVAS (Final Essays). The deadline for the essay is 11 pm on Thursday 12/7.

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This exercise offers you an opportunity to critically reflect on media and scholarly coverage of current issues pertaining to politics on the world stage. For our purposes, “current” means that the issue may not be any older than November 2016.

You should begin by identifying a current issue area pertaining to the foreign policy of the United States. One example would be US foreign policy towards North Korea. Then, you are to assess how your sources are different or similar in terms of their coverage of the issue area that you have identified.

Please note that you are not writing an essay on the issue itself. This is not an essay on the US foreing policy towards North Korea as such. Rather, in this essay you are critically reflecting on media coverage of the foreign policy issue that you have identified. It is important to critically reflect on how underlying assumptions and biases may lead to different interpretations of events in international affairs.

Finally, for this essay you must think imaginatively about how to integrate course readings into your assessment of media coverage of politics in the region, and to draw connections between your media sources and course readings.


For this essay you are to both draw on outside sources and course readings in a clear and coherent fashion. Please pay careful attention to the following expectations regarding your sources:

Outside Sources: You are to go to the Global News and Opinion section in CANVAS. Here, you are to identify three sources that touch on the issue that you have identified. Here are the required criteria:

One (only one!) of your sources must be from the United States.

Your other sources must be from other parts of the world.

Course Readings: In this essay you must demonstrate that you have critically reflected on course readings, and that you have integrated these readings into your essays in a clear and coherent fashion. Here are the required criteria:

I expect to see a total of four clear references to course readings, cited appropriately.

Your selections from course readings must be clearly relevant to the essay topic.

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