Flowchart, Pseudocode and Python

Flowchart, Pseudocode and Python

Format MLA

Volume of 1 page (275 words)

Assignment type : Code
In this module you learned about advanced modularization techniques. You learned about the advantages of modularization and how proper modularization techniques can increase code organization and reuse.

Create the flowchart and pseudocode for a program that accepts a user’s birth month and year and passes them to a method that calculates the user’s age in the current month and returns the value to the main program to be displayed.
Make a working version of this program in Python.

Complete the flowchart and pseudocode using draw.io. Include your pseudocode by adding a “square shape” next to your flowchart and populating it with your pseudocode for the program..
Complete the Python code using IDLE.


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