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  • Describe the benefits you expect to gain from a DEU experience. What are your goals and expectations of this experience?
  • Describe an experience (clinical preferred) in which the outcome required you to act with autonomy or was dependent upon advocacy or communication skills. Reflect on and describe your actions and/or decision making process. Describe what you learned and/or what you might do differently in a similar situation.( I currently work has a Lon in a psyutric unit) Aldo speak about how I was haveing a tough time with my clinal instructor but once communication with her she by far my favorite instrouctor and I very thankful for her working with me

DEU is A DEU is a clinical nursing education model that utilizes a service/academic partnership that focuses on collaboration between faculty, students and staff. The DEU utilizes experienced staff nurses who want to teach and are prepared through collaborative staff/faculty development.

Through interaction with a Clinical Teacher, there is more focused attention to critical thinking at the bedside. There is a consistent clinical teacher/student relationship and supportive unit culture. The DEU fosters a “Community of Practice” framework promoting student engagement and participation. With guidance from the clinical faculty member and Clinical Teacher, students participate in all aspects of care, interaction with the professional team, and complete most of the documentation required by the registered nurse at the facility. Students are able to experience the entire “role of the nurse.” By the end of the semester, students often report feeling more confident in patient care, communication, documentation, organization, and the ability to think critically and view the “whole” patient. Students are able to take these attributes and skills to their future clinical experiences.

Students in the DEU have the same clinical research and paperwork requirements as the other clinical groups in their course. Journaling is modified as it involves direct feedback from the Clinical Teacher. The clinical paperwork and Clinical Evaluation Tool (CET) is completed by the clinical faculty member with input from the Clinical Teacher. The clinical faculty member is present on the DEU unit. The DEU is an excellent experience for the student who possesses a sense of inquiry and desires to take the initiative for further growth in their student nurse experience.

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