Case study Format and Guidelines

Case study Format and Guidelines

There are no exact answers or perfect solutions to a case problem. Indeed, each recommended solution and justification can and is usually different comparatively amongst a group of respondents. The solution must fit the case and must be vigorously supported. The problem statement, analysis, selected solution, and especially the justification of the selected solution, are all critical elements in the case method. There are no short cuts to case presentations but a formalized methodology that enables the case presenter the optimal way to solve the case problem.



The introduction of the case problem is the essential first step and requires a succinct problem statement and scope problem definition with a concise summary of the critical decision issues to be addressed in the case presentation. A paragraph of approximately 100 words is adequate.


The analysis of the case problem requires a thorough review of the critical elements of the case and provides a clear set of facts that on their own merit offers an in depth review of the essential issues to solve the problem statement. The analysis section should be approximately 300 words.


The solution section of the case study presents the recommended way to solve the problem statement and addresses the main points outlined in the analysis. The solution section is a description of the recommended problem application including details as to application and references specific to solving the problem definition. The solution section must also cite specific text materials in support of the recommended course(s) of action.  Approximately 300 words should be used for the solution statements.


The justification provides the overall reasons why the selected solution recommended course(s) of action are correct and fit the case problem. The justification section of the case sells the solution and offers reasons to implement the course of action and substantiates the methods of solving the problem statement. Justification should be in a bullet list format and be approximately 200 words.


The Summary is approximately 100 word final set of key points on the problem analysis, solution and justification of the problem scope.

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