Asian Art and Culture Visual Analysis Paper

Asian Art and Culture Visual Analysis Paper

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Discipline Arts

Assignment type : Essay


You will write a three-page paper about a work of Asian art that is represented or mentioned in course materials. You will

make a clear argument about the visual properties of this artwork, and you will support your argument with a visual

analysis and discussion of cultural and historical perspectives (with references to course readings or lectures).

Breakdown of Score:

40% Sophistication of Argument; Supported by Visual Analysis

35% Discussion of Cultural and Historical Perspectives with References to Reading or Lectures

25% College-Level Writing Style


8.5”x11” paper size

Three pages of essay text (not including visuals)

Double-spaced text (no additional spacing between paragraphs)

12-point font – Times New Roman or Arial

1-inch margins

Format and Citation:

Chicago Manual of Style (see the Visual Analysis Rubric for resources)

Suggested Structure:

Introduction with thesis at the end

Visual analysis paragraph(s)

Contextual analysis paragraph(s)


*Do not forget to include an image of your artwork and your References page.

Format MLA

Academic Level: –

Volume of 2 pages (550 words)

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