All 3 papers information and requirements are listed n the additional materials.

All 3 papers information and requirements are listed n the additional materials.

REQUIREMENTS | Formal Assignment #2 (Paper) This section summarizes the requirements for the completion of your second FORMAL ASSIGNMENT. Keep in mind that the materials provided earlier in this module provide context to the assignment requirements below. You must carefully read all of the sections of the course leading up to this assignment in order to expect to do well on this paper. PURPOSE: This assignment is designed to reinforce the importance of examining multiple perspectives within a single controversy. For this assignment, you will:

  1. Re-examine The Laramie Project through the lens of a single controversy of your choosing and discuss the interplay of different positions on a single issue.
  2. Practice the organizational and analytical skills you have learned so far by comparing and contrasting three different perspectives on a controversy within the text. The Laramie Project is filled with numerous controversies, and the characters exhibit many different perspectives that range from one extreme to the other. For example, the people interviewed for the text differ radically on such issues as homosexuality, what constitutes a hate crime and whether hate crime legislation should exist, where the guilt lies for Matthew’s death, what type of a town Laramie is, the type of person Matthew was or his killers are, the role of the media in the portrayal of the Matthew Shepard case, and the death penalty, to name just a few. YOUR TASK: Your task is to craft a polished, organized 4-6 page double-spaced essay in which you discuss three different and mutually exclusive perspectives on one issue that interests you in the text (if you wish, you may also research other, relevant perspectives outside of the text on the Matthew Shepard case or The Laramie Project and include them in your paper), represented by three different characters or groups of characters, in relation to one another. It is crucial in this paper that you find a clear focus and develop the paper as fully as possible in terms of the relative positions the characters you choose take and the types of arguments they make. I urge you to use no more than 2 characters per perspective covered (six total) so that you can support your examples fully. As in your “Absolute Values” Speech, you will need to have (1) a developed introduction, (2) a body of paragraphs tied together with transitions, and (3) a clear conclusion that brings memorable closure to the paper.

For each perspective that you analyze, you need to (1) consider such issues as the different arguments the characters make, (2) their intended audiences, (3) choices of language to convey their points, (4) the differences among the perspectives you have chosen to discuss, and (5) the different types of appeals they make. Be sure to include examples and quotations from the text to support your claims.

See Example of Formal Assignment #2 number-2) for guidance. NOTE: Please don’t include headings such as “attention-getting opening” on your paper. I put those there to help guide you as you write your paper. Please pursue a topic that is unique to you and that doesn’t follow the example too closely in terms of content and wording. Do not take a stand on the issue that you address. Simply discuss the arguments made by the characters and how they relate to each other.


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