All 3 papers information and requirements are listed n the additional materials. REQUIREMENTS | Formal Assignment #4

All 3 papers information and requirements are listed n the additional materials.

REQUIREMENTS | Formal Assignment #4 This section summarizes the requirements for the completion of your last FORMAL ASSIGNMENT. IN PREPARATION FOR FORMAL ASSIGNMENT #4: PLEASE REFLECT ON THE FOLLOWING: 1. What is your perspective on the controversy after reading these six texts? Has “listening in” on this “conversation” caused you to question your view of the controversy in any way? If so, how? 2. How would you advocate your own position on this issue, employing or refuting competing arguments where you feel it’s necessary and providing supporting evidence from the readings where appropriate. 3. Which examples in the articles do you support and which you disagree with? Which specific quotes could you use to back your claims? PURPOSE: This assignment asks you to put into practice all that you’ve learned throughout the course about constructing sound, well-informed, responsible arguments. In constructing a persuasive argument for a specified audience, you will need to establish your credibility as an authority on your chosen topic (ethos); you will need to understand and appeal to your audience’s sentiments and values (pathos); and you will need to build a sound argument composed of good reasons (logos). In making the case for the position you hold, you will need to be aware of counterarguments so that you can respond to them, and you will need to identify unexamined assumptions or fallacies in opposing arguments so that you can avoid them in your own. YOUR TASK: For this 5-6 page paper, you need to more fully consider the controversy you chose for Informal Assignment 8 and for the reflection exercise. Go back to what you have written in that assignment and how you responded to the points for reflection and organize the material into a cohesive, coherent essay in which you take a stand on the issue of your choice with relation to the authors of the essays you read for this set of assignments. • Which do you support and why? • Why do you reject the ones you disagree with? • Did the characters in The Laramie Project play any role in your deciding which position to support? • Have you met any people in your life or had any experiences that have affected the way you currently feel on the issue? You have a lot to do in 5-6 pages, so be sure that you are focused and organized. Your paper should flow cohesively from section to section and be easy to follow.

Again, consult “A Guide to Successfully Crafting a Formal Assignment” for ideas on organization of your ideas, and be sure to review the excellent information on organizing papers at:

Below is the grading rubric your instructor will use to score your paper on multiple perspectives on the same controversy.

READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY, as there are various steps associated with submitting/completing this assignment: SUBMIT A DRAFT of your paper to the Draft assignment area and wait for your instructor’s comments before submitting your revised paper to the Formal Paper assignment area (ICON). SEE SYLLABUS



and BEFORE submitting Informal Assignment #9. • Review the provided sample and the grading rubric before submitting your paper. Complete this assignment and SUBMIT it electronically via the ICON “Assignments” page (“Formal Assignment #4: “Advocating a Position on a Controversy Related to The Laramie Project”) or using the link provided under “Module 4.” Instructions on how to submit assignments (file upload) can be found HERE ( !

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